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Advertising Blurbs

Official game's website:
    It is the dawn of the Thirtieth Century. The First Solar War has ended as chronicled in Starlancer, and the Four Houses of Humanity rule known space. Earth and the inhabitable worlds of its solar system are distant memories, mute reminders of humanity's appetite for self-destruction. Now, with the coming of the Age of Conquest, humanity has begun to focus its efforts towards expansion into the frontier worlds.

    Adventure, intrigue, and opportunity beckon you, the bold traveler, in an insanely epic and fascinating science-fiction universe appropriately titled - Freelancer.

    Coming in the year 2001, Freelancer promises to plunge you into a universe ruled by ruthless pirates, mercenary privateers, and fanatical missionaries. With its sophisticated 3D spaceflight system and real-time 3D character interaction, you will have complete control over buying and selling commodities, accepting missions for hire, customizing your spacecraft, or engaging in high-octane dogfights.

    Freelancer - find your fate and make a fortune, or die trying.

    Contributed by jean-louis (31985) on Feb 02, 2015.

E3 2000 trailer:
    Merchant... Bounty Hunter... Explorer... Pirate... Space has never been this dangerous... or as vast... or as beautiful...

    Coming in 2001...


    Contributed by Arvin Chandra (59) on Apr 22, 2003.

Inside Flaps:


    >>> My ship is burnt pretty bad. Money is tight, But I picked up a contract to cart some ice to a liberty Navel base near the Bretonia border. Hope things are turning my way. >>>
    STARDATE 1287.02.13

    STARDATE 1287.02.24
    >>> A bad break. Got hit by an eco-terrorists group near New Florida. I almost limped to my destination, but pirates hit me again and took almost all my cargo. The liberty Navel contract is dust. >>>

    >>> Things are looking up. Though I've failed my last three Naval contracts, my mistakes have helped the local riff-raff. A group of smugglers in the quadrant offered me a huge contract to run some luxury goods to Rhineland. If I sell the ice I have left I can just repair my ship enough to do the job. >>>
    STARDATE 1287.03.09

    STARDATE 1287.03.15
    >>>Made it! Had to dodge the 234th Navy squad, but I flew some convoy protection with them last year so I knew their patterns. Got paid this morning and I'm looking for a better ship for this smuggling work. It is great to be the boss! >>>

    Fly over 20 different crafts.
    Modify your ship with dozens of options.
    Even fly unique pirate and civilian ships.

    Your reputation determines how the "living universe" reacts to you. Help out an independence movement and the local Navy will become hostile and vice versa.


    Contributed by Corn Popper (69553) on Apr 15, 2003.

Back of Box:





    You are Edison Trent, a freelance pilot earning your name and pay one contract at a time. Each job you take on brings new allies and enemies, aligning you with different forces within a dynamic universe. Choose to follow the compelling storyline, or break off at any time and follow wherever your adventrues take you.

    40 massive star systems.

    150 unique places to land.

    Play the engaging storyline or pursue your own adventure!

    Radical new piloting system lets even novices focus on combat.

    Multiplayer mode allows players to join together in cooperative missions.

    A coherent virtual economy.

    Over 3000 trade routes.

    Huge universe populated by 2000 NPCs from 50 factions.

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69553) on Apr 15, 2003.