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Written by  :  uttergentile (13)
Written on  :  Oct 28, 2007
Rating  :  3.14 Stars3.14 Stars3.14 Stars3.14 Stars3.14 Stars

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If you "loved" Wing Commander: Privateer, you will "Like" Freelancer.

The Good

Freelancer shines in the area of space battle and storyline. Playing Freelancer in multiplayer is a definite rewarding experience, it's not just about the best equipment, it really does come down to who is a better pilot.

The storyline was very well done, albeit a bit short. You have to reach a certain level before the next story mission will open up, so you are forced to run missions from bar patrons, and other personalities. These missions are HIGHLY repetitious. Even the conversations seem to be on a random generator of about 20 different sayings.

The game is pretty to look at, and the ship graphics still hold up at this late date. While it's certainly no longer pushing the cutting edge of graphics, it still holds up quite nicely.

I must admit that a lot of my good will towards this game, comes from its VERY strong similarity to Wing Commander: Privateer. One of my favorite games of all time.

I always end up coming back to Freelancer though, to get my "space" on. It is my favorite game for traveling through space and blowing things up.

The Bad

The non story-line missions are highly repetitious, and the conversations in the game have little variance. Although not important to most people, this game will not work in Linux (wine or cedega), no matter how hard I try. I hope someone proves me wrong some day. As it is a Microsoft game I won't hold my breath.

The Bottom Line

A very decent space simulation, that is pretty to look at and fun to play. The drawbacks don't completely overshadow the gameplay. If you are one who sticks to the storyline you will enjoy this game immensely, but if you are playing the game for the "freelancing" you will be mildly disappointed.