Freelancer Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title Screen
Main game menu is shown on the animated background
Space Dogfight: Hunting Outcast ships.
Asteroid Action: Another Hessian fighter goes down in a fireball.
Giant Structures: Approaching a spacedock, guarded by weapon platforms.
Demolition Mission: Turning a huge satellite into scrap metal.
In Formation: A swarm of Corsair fighters swoops past.
Long-Distance Travel: Trade Lanes fling ships across the sector.
Shore Leave: A visit to a friendly planet for missions, trade, upgrades.
Rebel Camp: Touchdown on the launch pad of a hidden Corsairs base.
Shopping Tour: Trading commodities with the local dealer.
Explosive Visuals 1: One less enemy.
Explosive Visuals 2: Killing spree in a field of debris.
Explosive Visuals 3: Death of a battleship.
Eventful Campaign 1: Destroying a shield generator while a battleship looms in the background.
Eventful Campaign 2: A space race through a set of giant rings.
Eventful Campagin 3: Approaching the translucent battleship of an alien race.
Eventful Campaign 4: Final battle inside a giant metal sphere.
In-game Cutscene 1: The end of an alien.
In-game Cutscene 2: Hurried flight from a base under fire.
Exploration Time: Scour nebulas for shipwrecks and collect the loot.
Space Monkeys: Find the hidden Planet of the Apes.
Dropping straight into space from the battleship's hangar
Buying a new ship from a dealer
Battleship navigates an asteroid field (cutscene)
Sometimes you just want to look back and enjoy the view
The hero of the game enters a spaceport (cutscene)
Checking my rep with all of the game's factions
Hitting the bars and getting information...
Sometimes a good bribe is all that can save you from getting vaporized