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Back Cover:

    The year 2367, thirty two years after the Great War. Or at least what YOU thought was the Great War. The endless line of Shivan capitol chips, bombers and fighters with super advanced technology was nearly overwhelming.

    As the Terran and Vasudan races finish rebuilding their decimated societies, a disturbance lurks in the not-so-far reaches of the Gamma Draconis system.

    Your nemeses have arrived... and they are wondering what happened to their scouting party.

  • Over 80 Ships ranging from Super Capital Ships to Stealth Fighters.
  • Nebulae effects add a new dimension to your battle strategies.
  • Over 20 Weapons of Mass Destruction.
  • Create your own single and multiplayer missions with the easy to use FRED 2 (FreeSpace Mission Editor 2).
  • Fly unbelievable missions, including massive enemy strikes, and command up to 11 squadmates in battle. Attack up to 8 players via Internet.
  • Witness beam weapons that can penetrate gigantic capital ships and carve them in half.

    Includes FreeSpace 2, the critically acclaimed Science-Fiction Space Combat Simulation.

    Over 20 additional missions including fan favorites "Vasudan Assault 2" from the original FreeSpace. And brand-new never seen before missions from Volition and Internet fans.

    "Science-Fiction Simulation of the Year" - Gamespot
    "PC Gamer Editors' Choice" - PC Gamer
    "CGW Sci-Fi Game of the Year"

    Contributed by Xoleras (66891) on Mar 23, 2004.