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Fritz 9: Play Chess (Windows)

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Back of Box - Windows (US):
    Experience chess excellence with Fritz 9's extraordinary new features.

    Let Fritz teach you with its beginner's video course, interactive training modules, position explainer, friend mode and more!

    Enjoy chess like never before. Play against fully interactive 3D opponents in hyper-realistic game environments.

    Play Chess with the World's #1 Ranked Chess Game!

    PLAY CHESS.COM, the largest online chess community
    Enjoy tons of new features and challenge players world wide!

  • Multi-board viewing-follow up to nine games in one window
  • Other games: Capture Chess, Chess 960, Twin Chess, Ouk Chatrang
  • Watch Live Tournaments
  • Rub Shoulders with Grandmasters
  • Start a blitz or play in a Tournament
  • Chat with New Friends on the Fastest growing Chess Server
  • Titleholder searches and much, much more!

    Contributed by Jeanne (75483) on Feb 11, 2006.

Inside Covers - Windows (US):


    NEW Super strong knowledge based chess engine: Fritz 9

    NEW 2 3D opponents, optimized graphics and physics engine

    NEW Updated and fully searchable 1 Million games database covering 4 centuries of chess

    NEW Interactive training modules for attack, defense and check improvement with high score function

    NEW Position explainer offers positional commentary about the current position

    NEW handicap-function for practical training of positional play

    NEW 2 more ways to play: Engines for Giveaway Chess and Fischerrandom (Chess960)

    NEW 3D surround sound on all boards

    NEW Evaluation profile with depth of calculation

    NEW Video beginners course (1 hr. video in Chess Media System) and additional video sample lessons

    NEW Continuous gameplay function - watch Fritz replay history's most famous games back to back

  • Engines: 3 additional main engines. Runs different engines under the same interface at the same time. UCI interface for Winboard Engines, Engine duels, Engine tournaments

  • Chessboards: 8 classic 3D boards, 2 3D symbol boards, 2 3D character boards, Extreme 3D mode, 2D customizable boards

  • Coach and help functions: Coach, Threatened Squares, Explain all Moves, Hint, Spy and Kibitz engine (parallel game analysis)

  • Levels: Full playing strengths, Friend Mode (engine adjusts to player's strengths), Sparring, Handicap and Fun, Shuffle Chess, Tournament Chess with ELO rating

  • Opening Book: 1 Million opening positions ECO classified, and fully searchable, interactive opening training

  • Analysis: Deep position analysis, full game analysis, find mistakes, analysis comparison with different engines, position evaluation, search mate position, additional analysis board

  • Commenting: Graphical commenting with arrows and highlights, medals, null move

    Contributed by Jeanne (75483) on Feb 11, 2006.