Frogatto & Friends Credits

The Team

Lead ProgrammerDavid White (Sirp)
Scripting Language DesignDavid White (Sirp)
Object/Monster scriptingDavid White (Sirp)
Minor contributions to level designDavid White (Sirp), Ben Anderman (crimson_penguin)
Creative Director (came up with the characters, setting, and core storyline)Guido Bos (Neorice)
Character and Monster ArtGuido Bos (Neorice), Richard Kettering (Jetrel)
Prop ArtGuido Bos (Neorice), Richard Kettering (Jetrel)
Terrain Art (house interiors and exteriors, seaside background)Guido Bos (Neorice)
Lead Content Wrangler (getting other people’s stuff in-game, tying off loose ends)Richard Kettering (Jetrel)
AnimationsRichard Kettering (Jetrel)
Special FXRichard Kettering (Jetrel)
Terrain Art (seaside, forest, cave, and dungeon art)Richard Kettering (Jetrel)
Lead Object/Monster ScripterRichard Kettering (Jetrel)
ProgrammerRichard Kettering (Jetrel), Ben Anderman (crimson_penguin)
Level design (focusing more on the earlier seaside, town, and forest stages)Richard Kettering (Jetrel)
Mac and Windows packagerBen Anderman (crimson_penguin)
WebmasterBen Anderman (crimson_penguin)
iPhone guyBen Anderman (crimson_penguin)
Minor contributions to object scriptingBen Anderman (crimson_penguin)
MusicRyan Reilly (Rain)
Sound EffectsRyan Reilly (Rain)
Level design (focusing more on forest, cave, and dungeon levels)Ignacio R. Morelle (shadowmaster)
Object scripting (focusing more on forest, cave, and dungeon levels)Ignacio R. Morelle (shadowmaster)

Special Thanks

Level designDavid Donald Roberts (DDR)
Object scriptingDavid Donald Roberts (DDR)
Bug Reports/Fixes, Technical Advice, Level design and object scripting, Devil’s AdvocacyThe IRC Crew


People who have worked on this game have also collaborated on the creation of the following games:

Battle for Wesnoth, a group of 5 people

Credits for this game were contributed by Macs Black (80165)