Frogger Credits (Windows)

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Frogger Credits

Frogger Development Team - SCEE Cambridge

Project LeaderKevin Mullard
Lead ProgrammerTim Closs
Lead ArtistMarcus Broome
ProgrammersMartin Hamilton Kift, William Bell, Gary Richards
ArtistsBarry Scott, Jason Evans, Leavon Archer
Level DesignIan Saunter, Jonathan Double, Dave Holloway, Chris Down (of Hasbro Interactive)
MappingJonathan Double, Dave Holloway ('Bobby Dazzler'), Andrew Ostler
Development AssistantLindsay Pollard
Executive ProducerIan Saunter

Audio and Video

AV ManagerPeter Murphy
MusicAndrew Barnabas, Paul Arnold, Peter Murphy
Sound EffectsPaul Arnold
Video Post ProductionTom Oswald

Quality Assurance

Lead TesterAlex Sulman
QA SupervisorSarah Lloyd
TestersNick Oswald, Paul Brodie, Nathan Bliss, Dan Smith, James Butt, Simon Miller, Jon Quarrie

Technologies Group

Technologies Group ManagerMike Ball
Technologies DevelopersDean Ashton, Tim Closs, Julian Rex
Mapping and Conversion TechnologiesAndrew Ostler, Matt Johnson
Animation TechnologiesIan Elsley
Additional TechnologiesMark Stamps

IT Department

IT ManagerSteve Loughran
IT AssistantDean Miller
Special Thanks ToKatie Lea, Colin Swinbourne, Colin Galloway, Craig Sullivan, Gillian Henderson, Millennium Interactive

Hasbro Interactive Frogger Team

VisionaryThomas Dusenberry
ProducersChris Down, Andrei Nadin
Additional DesignDavid Walls
Management TeamKevin Buckner, Barry Jafrato, Tony Parks
Creative DirectorsClive Robert, John Sutyak
US Project CoordinatorMichael S. Glosecki
Worldwide MarketingGary Carlin, Mary Miller, Debbie Shlens, Olivier Salomon, Liz Morgan, Thomas Jaepel, Torsten Oppermann
PackagingSteve Webster, Sam Baker
LocalizationSam Baker
Website SupportJames Sheahan
Public RelationsDana Henry
Additional AssistanceLouise McTighe
Intro AnimationMedialab

Hasbro Quality Assurance

Hasbro Quality AssuranceRoger Carpenter, Michael Craighead
Lead Tester UKStuart Thody
Testers UKRichard Alexander, Yaw Diabah, Neall Campbell
Manufacturing CoordinationRichard Lever
Special ThanksKevin Gillespie, Kimberly Hannaway, Whitney Grimm, John Lamond, Lee McLaughlin, Tony Moreira, Bob Sadacca, Michael Constantas, Janet Oakes, Alka Patel (Sales Team HIW), Ron Parkinson (Sales Team HIW)

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Credits for this game were contributed by B.L. Stryker (21072)