Future Boy Credits


Future Boy! byKent Tessman
Artwork byDerek Lo
CastPaul Stodolny (Frank), Robin Archer (Clayton Eno), Scott Andrews (Bob Finger), Kent Tessman (Gorrd), Alison Salinas (Priscilla), Crash, Jennifer C.S. Lo (Maya), Nancy Cosentino (Receptionist), Mio Adilman (Cop), Alan Smithee (Cop), and Various Additional Voices
Additional Art and MusicKent Tessman
Opening Theme MusicDan Langan, Nate Laguzza
TestingBruno G. Albuquerque, Jonathan Blask, Gilles Duchesne, Doug Jones, Alan MacDonald, Gunther Schmidl, Robb Sherwin, Christopher Tate, Dean Tessman
Thanks toBobby Del Rio, John Lawson, Dan Sandler
Special Thanks toJennifer C.S. Lo
Developed withHugo
Animation produced usingMoho by Lost Marble

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