FX Fighter Turbo Credits (Windows)

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FX Fighter Turbo Credits


Lead CoderSimon Hargrave
Effects SystemPhil Wilkins
Front EndDan Laufer
Windows 95 GuruZohar Melamed
Video CompressionMartin Piper
Lead Artist, CinematicsSimon Hunter
Modeler, Effects artwork, CinematicsSuzanne Cole
Front end artworkOwen Jenkins
Low polygon models and texturesMarcus Punter, Karyn McHale
New character visualisationDuncan Brown
Lead AnimatorOwen Jenkins
Lead DesignerClive Burdon
Editor GuruPaul Saunders
Lead MusicianJustin Scharvona
Voice DirectionMartin Gwynn Jones
Lead TesterNeall Campbell
Test CrewNathan Burlow, Stuart Linsell, Jim Mummery
BRender Project ManagementStefano Zammattio
BRender OptimisationJonathan Wolff, John Gay
BRender GuruSam Littlewood
CFORonnie San
Financial ControllerCharles Rendell
Executive ProducersJeremy Sands, John Edelson, Tim Gummer
ProducerJulian Alden-Salter
Project ControllerLynne Robinson
Marketing CoordinaterAnna Parton
Special thanks to Jo Waxman, Sarah Manashe, Paul Ayscough, Sarah Layish-Melamed, Bella Gale, Jackie Chan, Crystal Pirelli, Scott's Mum, Rosie Alden-Salter, Steve Thompson

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Credits for this game were contributed by Phil Wilkins (34)