14. Day 3 - Late Morning (10AM-12PM)Contributed by Katakis | カタキス (39520) on Aug 09, 2005.

This timeblock starts with Gabriel and Grace talking. Mosley appears and set his eyes on the manuscript. Gabriel shoves Mosely out of the way as he leaves then Mosely will leave after him to talk. At the same time, Jean and Roxanne go to inspect Wilkes's room. After Mosely leaves you, enter Wilkes's room to find out why Jean and Roxanne are here. When the cut-scene is over, enter the supply closet and talk to Roxanne about all subjects. Once you have access to Wilkes's room, look at the open window and then search the bed, as well as the bathroom.

Leave the room and enter Mosely's room. Talk to him about all subjects. Then head downstairs and talk to Jean about Wilkes. Leave the hotel and go into the moped courtyard. Get on your Harley and drive to L'Homme Mort. There, walk up the path to the site. Find and look at the muddy footprints on the ground. Gabriel will go and discover why Wilkes never showed up. He has been killed the same way the Scots were. Have a think about Wilkes's body and then search it. You will find a letter to his publisher. Locate a pool of blood. Look at the knee indentations, then think about them. Leave L'Homme Mort and go to Lady Howard and Stiles's site.

Go up to the site, and you find Lady Howard sitting, doing nothing, while Stiles does all the work. Talk to both of them. Lady Howard will become aggressive toward you. Leave the site and go to Poussin's tomb. Walk up the hill. Emilio is meditating here. Talk to him, then return to Rennes-le-Chateau. Leave the courtyard, enter the hotel, and return to the bedroom. This time, when you open the door, Mosely walks out the door carrying a newspaper and enters his own room. Buthane walks by and enters his room as well. Looks like Mosely has a date with destiny.

Go into the bedroom and you hear Grace in the bathroom. While she is in there, log into SIDNEY and scan in Sinclair's fingerprint and link it to his file. Exit SIDNEY, leave the hotel, get on the Harley, and drive to Sinclair's house.

Knock on his door. Sinclair says that he has nothing to say to you, and will refuse to let Gabriel enter. Gabriel, however, blocks the door and lets himself in. Talk to Sinclair about all subjects. Eventually, Sinclair will become angry since his anonymity is now blown, and Prince James will be mad if Gabriel doesn't get that manuscript back. You learn something interesting about Montreaux though. When the conversation is over, go to Rennes-le-Chateau.

Enter the hotel and walk up to your bedroom. Open your door a second time. Buthane walks out of Mosely's room carrying the same newspaper that Mosely had earlier. Her date with Mosely is over. If you have the camera follow her, you will see that Buchelli pokes his head out of the room to spy on her. Funnily enough, Buthane doesn't notice him. Continue on to your bedroom. Talk to Grace who is updating SIDNEY. When the conversation is over, Gabriel hears a car pulling up outside. Where the hell is that manuscript?

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