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Back of Box - Windows (US):
    The year is 2225. The reckless Humans have joined the other galactic powers in a race for control and domination of the galaxy. The evil Drengin Empire has plans to wipe out Humanity and their allies, but as they will all discover, there is something far worse in the universe than each other...

    Lead your favorite race in a struggle to dominate the galaxy in Galactic Civilizations II, a 4X strategy game where you use whatever means necessary - technological advancement, economic might, cultural expansion and military prowess - to survive the epic interstellar war.

    • A beautiful 3D engine brings planets, stars and ship battles to life.
    • Create custom 3D ships piece by piece with the new shipyard.
    • Take the role of one of 10 unique races or create your own!
    • Multiple paths to victory: military prowess, economic might, cultural expansion and more.
    • Addictive gameplay in dynamic galaxies ranging from Tiny to Gigantic.
    • Multi-threaded AI that provides a "human" style challenge.
    • Full campaign featuring a deep, immersive storyline.
    • Metaverse II online campaign support!
    • Scenario support for custom missions.
    • Fully moddable for flexible customization by players.
    • Complex diplomacy allows players to trade, make alliances or war.

    Contributed by Ekyman (87) on Sep 06, 2015.

    Это многогранная космическая стратегия, которая сочетает в себе военные действия и экономику, развитие науки и исследования космоса, политику и культурную экспансию.

    • уникальный конструктор кораблей
    • сильный искусственный интеллект: 12 уровней сложности
    • 10 рас, по 24 типа особенностей на каждую
    • более 200 технологий, 50 типов строений
    • 26 классов планет, 8 политических систем
    Вам решать, каким путем идти к победе: строить космические армады или развивать науку, опутывать космос торговыми путями или стравливать другие расы друг с другом, колонизировать планеты или захватывать их силой!

    Contributed by Klaster_1 (57980) on Mar 05, 2011.

Back of Keep Case - Windows (Germany):
    Wir schreiben das Jahr 2225. Getrieben von ihrem ewigen Machthunger hat sich die Menschheit im Weltall ausgebreitet. Setzen Sie Technologie, Diplomatie, Kolonisierung und Angriffs-Kriege gekonnt ein, um ein weit reichendes interstellares Imperium aufbauen.

    Dank des detaillierten Kampfsystems können Sie Ihre strategischen Kampfhandlungen perfekt planen und durchführen.

    Jeder Planet hat ureigene Bedingungen und Eigenschaften, die Ihnen zahlreiche Wege bieten, Ihr Imperium zu vergrößern.

    Spielen Sie Galactic Civilizations 2 auf dieser frei zoombaren 3D-Karte.
    Stellen Sie Ihre eigene Armee zusammen und entwerfen Sie Ihre komplett eigenen Raumschiffe.
    Spielen Sie eine von 10 unterschiedlichen Rassen oder erstellen Sie Ihre eigene Zivilisation.
    Im umfangreichen Technologiebaum können Sie sich auf einzelne Forschungen spezialisieren oder einen breit gefächerten Fortschritt verfolgen.

    Contributed by jaXen (152382) on Nov 13, 2010.
    The year is 2225. The reckless humans have formed a coalition to defend themselves from the rising power of the evil Drengin Empire. The galaxy is about to be set ablaze but there is something far worse out there than each other...
    • Play as the Terran Alliance or as one of 9 alien races -- or create your own
    • Design your own ships both in how they look and how they function
    • Sophisticated diplomatic engine makes sure politics takes a center stage as well
    • Watch your designed ships and fleets do battle in GalCiv II's state of the art 3D engine
    • Play stand-alone games with randomly generated galaxies, preset scenarios, or a multi-mission campaign that provides the back story for the game
    • Advanced governors and empire management ensure that the late game won't bog down, even on gigantic maps.
    • No CD copy protection. Once you install, you never need your CD again. You can even use the included serial # to re-download the entire game from us years from now.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76520) on Apr 29, 2006.