Dealing with Dread LordsContributed by Indra is stressed (20706) on Dec 30, 2007.

There is a way to effectively deal with Dread Lords. Their tactic is to send in small ships to weaken your planet defenses and then send in their usually unguarded troop ships.

Their ships are all weapons and no defense. So its best you create a fleet of tiny ships with the best weaponry available. Make sure you have logistics technology so you can attack their ships with your fleet with an adequate number of ships.

Their tiny ships has the speed of 11 and their small/medium ships have the speed of 5 and their troopships (that look like squids) have a speed of 6, so be sure to have sufficient ship engine technology to catch up with them.

The troop ships is only a problem if you don’t have ships orbiting your planets. Since they are usually unguarded, its best to create a small or tiny ship with only one minor weapon and a lot of engines, so you can attack them quick and clean.

Creating a scout ship with no weapons and full of scanning modules, positioned at border planets also helps you prevent surprise attacks.

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