Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title menu
Choosing the campaign Dread Lords.
New Game - Creating a new galaxy.
First chapter
Choose and customize your civilization.
New Game - Choosing a civilization.
Beginning the first chapter.
Research window
Galactic map
Change of situations, need change of policies.
Information about your foe (and other players in the universe)
Contacting the foe.
Overview of your civilization
Your colony ship
Your scout
The game also comes with a complete audio tutorial to teach you the basics to advanced concepts of the game.
Colony Management - here you can construct buildings for your colony.
Foreign Affairs - see the status of other races and organize your espionage network.
Domestic Policy - a third of the gameplay consists of visiting this section and organizing fund allocation for your empire.
Starbase Rapsheet - defense and offense of your ships is heavily dependent on Starbase support.
Random Event
Dominion of Korx
Iconian Refuge
United Planets
Planet details