Galactic Civilizations Credits


Designer / Project ManagerBradley Wardell
Gameplay ProgrammersCari Begle, Scott Tykoski, Bradley Wardell
Engine ProgrammersMichael Duffy, Cari Begle, Ian Hanschen
Computer AI / Economic EngineBradley Wardell
Graphic DesignAlex Gounaropoulos, Scott Tykoski, Russ Schwenkler
AnimationPaul W. Warzecha, Alex Gounaropoulos, SPIN
MusicEric Heberling, Eric Johnson
Metaverse ProgrammingPatrick Ford, Johanne Clainé
WritingBradley Wardell, Scott Tykoski, Alexander Antoniades
BizLarry Kuperman, Kris Kwilas, Angela Marshall, Belinda Banks, Kim Kolaz
Install and Positive VibesKris Kwilas, Scott Tykoski
Website DesignJohanne Clainé, Renato C. Veras Jr, Patrick Ford
Licensed TechnologyBink Video -
Beta TestingStardok would like to thank the hundreds of external beta testers who helped out throughout the beta cycle. In particular we would like to thank:, Gherardo Albano, Alexander Antoniades, Dominic Breeze, Jean-Paul Cardinal, Christopher Conley, David Craft, Pierre Fricke, Frank Fujita, Jay Greogry, Chris Hamp, Nathan Hogue, Fredrik Jacobsson, Adam R. Kelm, John Kistler, Jeffery S Legere, Frank Leon, Martin Leuschen, Kris D McCann, Brian McClure, Paul McEvoy, Ian Meddings, Simon Morgan, Robert F. O'Connor, Paul Ollenberger, Laurence Parry, Christopher Prahl, Kenneth Rabe, Emily Rogers, David Rosen, Rob S, Bill Sawyer, John Schmid, John Sherrill, Tony Smith, James Thibault, Matthijs Vermeulen, Steven Williams, Jonas Wills
Special Thanks toTrevor Powdrell (Java Scout), Brian Hively (Azakain)

Strategy First

3rd party ProducerNabil Yared
3rd party Excutive ProducerAdam Phillips
Product ManagerProkopios Sotos
Director of MarketingSteven Milburn
Assistant Product ManagerRyan Bastien
Packaging and DesignPhilippe Brindamour, Julie Binette, Anne Lalonde, Martine Bélanger
Web DesignHugo Trépanier, Serge Mongeau
PR AssociateKelly Ekins
Marketing AssociateRaluca State
PresidentDon McFatridge
Senior V.P.Brian Clarke
V.P. AcquisitionsSteve Wall
V.P. Creative DevelopmentRichard Therrien
V.P. Product DevelopmentCharles J. Kroegel Jr.
V.P. FinanceSonia Langlois
V.P. SystemsDave Hill

Infogrames Inc.

Senior V.P.Wim Stocks
V.P. Third Party/Value/AffiliatesEzra Chen
Product Line LiaisonBrian McCreary

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Prokopios Sotos, 44 other games
Serge Mongeau, 43 other games
Steven Milburn, 42 other games
Eric Heberling, 39 other games
Nabil Yared, 30 other games
Philippe Brindamour, 28 other games
Ryan Bastien, 27 other games
Ezra Chen, 25 other games
Steven Williams, 20 other games
Raluca State, 20 other games
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Martine Bélanger, 18 other games
Bradley Wardell, 17 other games
Paul W. Warzecha, 16 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69437), //dbz: (5279) and formercontrib (159540)