Galactic Civilizations Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu.
Player setup screen.
Race setup screen.
Starting Animation.
First Yearly Report.
Planet Menu.
Research Menu.
Research Completed!
First contact: Diplomacy Screen.
Our home and our first ships, looking for expansion.
The Domestic Policy screen, where the player can adjust government spending, view the structure of the Earth Senate and keep an eye on the ever important approval rating.
Random Events can change everything.
Freighters are required for trade, a small but important part of any civilization's income.
GNN reports at the beginning of the turn on what's been built.
There are many ways to invade an enemy planet. Meteors can be used as a weapon of mass destruction.
Standard invasion tactics using only conventional weapons.
Ship to Ship combat is handled on the main map of the galaxy.
A meeting of the United Planets to decide on a galaxy-wide policy.
Under a democratic government, the senate must vote to go to war. This same screen is used for senate elections.
Some random events require tough choices to be made
GNN reports on the latest advances in human technology
Discovering space junk.
Exploring space
A interplanetary meeting.
My party has won the election !
Preparing to colonize.