Galapago Credits


Brought to you byCervantes and Bob the Shrunken Heads
DesignCara Ely, Heather Ivy, Joel Pryde, Kasey Quanrud, Rob Rix, Dan Thompson, Jeremiah Whitaker
DevelopmentCara Ely, Heather Ivy, Joel Pryde, Kasey Quanrud, Rob Rix, Dan Thompson, Jeremiah Whitaker
Additional DevelopmentChris Hargrove
Voice TalentJohn Armstrong (the voice of Cervantes & Bob)
Additional ArtMatt Vanni, John Winston
SoundMatt Vanni, John Winston
Quality AssuranceChris Casey, Rosemary DenBeste, John Curst McAuley, Elizabeth Skoczen
Special ThanksJane Jensen, Doug Picanzi


SwiftShader Software Rendering TechnologyTransGaming Technologies Inc.
FMOD Ex Sound SystemFirelight Technologies Pty Ltd

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Credits for this game were contributed by Depeche Mike (17562)