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Galapagos Credits


Game DesignJustin Ebert, Scott Collins, Mattias Fornander
ProgrammingJustin Ebert, Scott Collins, Mattias Fornander, Don Metzler
NERM Development LeadScott Collins
Anark 3D EngineJustin Ebert, Mattias Fornander
Art DirectorAlex Lindsay
Additional DesignGavin Kistner, George Orthwein (Image Refinery Productions)
Intro AnimationDaniel Falk
VoiceoverMaggie Roswell
TestersAlex MacPhee, John Hoot
Marketing & PRStephen Collins
FinancesShawn Heinrichs, Stephen Collins
Thanks toKevin Pitkalrn, Peter Rhodes, Roxanne Rhodes, TJ Kerr, Erica Kerr, Juliet Rhodes, Steve Gornlak
Special Thanks toChris Cooper, Chris Kerr

Electronic Arts

European DocumentationJames Lenoël
European Documentation Design & LayoutJames Nolan, Nells Meyer-Westfiled
Localization CoordinatorSonia Yazmadjian
German LocalizationBianca Normann
German TranslationDagmar Geller
German TestersDirk Vojtilo, Jan Brockmann
German QAMichael Lothmann, Jan Brockmann
German Senior Marketing ManagerBenedikt Schüler
German Junior Marketing ManagerHans-Jörg Brand
Quality AssuranceJames Deverill
Material PlanningKevin Smith

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