Galapagos Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The opening cutscene, done with the game engine, leads smoothly to the start of the game.
The little insect robot in the tube is Mendel.
Keep the moving psychodelic cubes away from Mendel.
That way, Mendel, THAT WAY!!
This is Mendel, a four-legged, autonomous, learning organism. Or, as we call him: Stubborn little walkmachine.
This is Mendel trying to cross moving platforms.
This is Mendel crawling into rotating laser beams.
This is Mendel about to be crushed by moving blocks.
This is Mendel seconds before falling off floating platforms.
This is Mendel crawling in the wrong direction.
This is Mendel looking down on the abyss he'll plunge into shortly.
This is Mendel jumping into a laser beam.
This is Mendel being shot at by some floating machine or other.