Gamefest: Star Trek Classics Ad Blurbs (Windows)

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Advertising Blurbs

Box Cover:
    For the entire collection:

    "4 complete Star Trek games

    Award-Winning Star Trek classics! An absolute must for your PC collection"

    For ST Starfleet Academy: "Welcome to you first adventure in Starfleet Academy. This Star Trek action/flight simulator takes you through 9 levels of action! Take on multiple ground and space scenarios from the captains chair.

    The ultimate in Starship Battle Realism - translucent texture mapping and real-time color light sourcing.

    Features members of the original Star Trek cast! William Shatner, Walter Koenig, and George Takei make special appearances."

    For ST Starfleet Academy, Chekov's Lost Missions: "CHEKOV'S LOST MISSIONS is an add-on disk containing a collection of simulated missions designed specifically to challenge your skills in leadership and tactical training.

    7 new missions and 2 new internet games: "Mo' Profit" and "Capture the Flag"

    New game features: External views, on-screen shield indicators and the ability to change game speed."

    For ST Starfleet Command:

    "Starfleet Command put you in the captain's chair for the most amazing real-time space combat experience ever created.

    Every good tactician knows there's a fine line between speed and raw power. Choose from over four classes of ships and over fifty 3D hull designs.

    Numerous multi-player options include "Pass the Tribble" and cooperative Starbase Assault with up to 6 players. Go head-to-head via modem/serial cable, direct TCP/IP, IPX or MPlayer"

    For ST New Worlds:

    "Leave the vastness of space behind and play out your destiny in the biggest land battle the universe has ever known.

    Intense multiplayer combat for up to 3 players.

    An advanced 3D engine takes you right into action on the planet's surface - a fully rotating and zooming landscape."

    Contributed by qwertyuiop (33318) on Oct 27, 2001.