Gary Grigsby's World at War Credits (Windows)

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Gary Grigsby's World at War Credits


Executive ProducersJoel Billings, David Heath
Design and DevelopmentJoel Billings, Keith Brors, Gary Grigsby
ProgrammingKeith Brors, Gary Grigsby
Scenario DesignJoel Billings
Historical ResearchJoel Billings
Art and GraphicsMarc Schwanebeck, Jorgen Vasshaug
Additional GraphicsAniway , Nicolas Eskubi, Wayne Cassel, Taro Inoue, Michael Isom, Louis Hsu Saekow
Logo Art DesignsMarc Schwanebeck
Music Composed ByScott Cairns (Castles Music)
Sound Effects & Cinematic AudioSimon Castles
VideosBarry Munden, Marc Schwanebeck
Voice TalentMarc Biaggi
User Manual ContentMichael Eckenfels
User Manual EditorsJoel Billings, Michael Eckenfels
Manual Layout and DesignMichael Eckenfels
Tutorial DesignLuke Mason
Playtest CoordinatorMaurice Buttazoni
PlaytestersJavier Alegria, Rob Anderson, John Campbell, Daniel Cermak, Jack Cline, Michael Cocchiola, Jeff Cross, Douglas Gold, David Hanwell, Michael Hawkins, Jacques Hennequet, Matthew Holmes, Charles J. Kroegel Jr., John MacPherson, Oleg Mastruko, Lawrence McNamara, Norman Meek, John Morrissey, Sean Sanders, William Sanders, Carl Schneider, John Sokolowski, Leland Sphar, Vance Strickland, Fernando Adolfo Turi, Mathew White, Rick E. White
Web Site DesignMarc Schwanebeck


Head of MarketingMarco A. Minoli
Product ManagerDavide Bordegoni
PR ManagerTania Rossi
Localization ManagerGabriele Alemani
Accounting ManagerMarina Poretti
International LocalizationSynthesis 
QA and TestingBug‑Tracker 
Special Thanks ToRaffaella Carissimi, Moira Cauzzo, Domenico Cuda, Fabrizio Fatur, Riccardo Fedeli, Biagio Sileno, Andrea Spinazzola, Emanuele Zecchin, Livio Cantagallo

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