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Windows version

Main menu
Loading screen
You and a friend
Skip the tutorial or not - that's the question.
I can only guess what happened here.
A firefight with an enemy (currently hiding).
That tower is about to collapse.
Ewww. I hope those weren't friends.
Pinned down by some Locusts.
Gotcha! That one is dead.
The enemy will breach through that door in a second. Preparing a grenade as a welcome.
Marcus is dead - game over.
The extraction helicopter lays down cover fire.
Because of all the dirt I need to fire blind.
Those boots aren't very friendly (cut-scene).
Some buildings are still intact.
The squad is pinned down by some Grubs.
What happened in this city?
Running to the next cover.
This one didn't hear me coming.
Firing blindly over the wall.
Alpha Squad - not with us anymore.
Marcus Fenix's squadmates.
Near Fenix Mansion [DX9]
DirectX 9 still looks pretty.
Therion Guards are probably the toughest.
With Unreal Editor custom maps can be made, which can be fun to mess around on