Gemini Rue Credits


A Production byJoshua Nuernberger
In Association withWadjet Eye Games
StarringBrian Silliman (Azriel & Delta-Six), Shelly Smith-Shenoy (Sayuri & Epsilon-Five), Joe Rodriguez (The Director), Clay MacLeod Chapman (Matthius & Balder), Abe Goldfarb (Kane), Dara Seitzman (Giselle), Sarah Elmaleh (Computer & BeeBee - Scientist 4), Francisco Gonzalez (Street Vendor), David L. Gilbert (Kenneth - Agent 1 - Scientist 1), Daryl Lathon (Boryokudan Boss & Cell Mate & Receptionist), Matt Morea (Paul Erickson & Agent 4 - Scientist 3), Ray Saltrelli (Doorman - Scientist 2), Joseph M. Ward (Meds Doorman & Agent 2), Walid K Ba-Attiyah (Agent 3), Nathan Allen Pinard (Receptionist 2), Brian Chiu (Scientist 5 & Resident), Bonnie Anne Hudson Pinard (Defector Voice)
MusicNathan Allen Pinard
SoundNathan Allen Pinard
ArtJoshua Nuernberger
AnimationJoshua Nuernberger
ProgrammingJoshua Nuernberger
Character Portrait ArtIan Schlaepfer
Voice DirectingDavid L. Gilbert
CastingDavid L. Gilbert
Written byJoshua Nuernberger
Designed byJoshua Nuernberger
Developed byJoshua Nuernberger
SnowRain Plugin byScorpiorus
Drag & Drop Module byJan Simon
Credits Module byAndrew MacCormack
AGS Engine byChris Jones
Playtesting Team 1Jan Simon, Vincent Wesselmann, Nathan Allen Pinard, Ben Chandler, Misha, Nicholas Bellerophon, Simson Chiu, Chris Kim, Josiah Vinson, David, Ben Nuernberger, Gloria Nuernberger, Peter Lu, Adeline Ducker
Playtesting Team 2Jackie Sargent, Craig Pirrall, Andrew MacMormack, Luna Sevithiainen, Ori Avtalion, Rikard Nordgren, Vin Lettera, Lou Huang, Marshika Szabo, Dylan Downing, Mattius Schneider, Shane Stevens, Martin Mulrooney, Ilona Peters, Janet Gilbert, Michelle Cortino (the Cat), Chelle Destefano, stee01
Easter Egg CharactersXander Mobus, Anthony Sardinha, Natalie Van Sistine, Kimlinh Tran
Public RelationsEmily Morganti
Special Thanks toEdmundo Ruiz, Tzach Shabtay, Chris Jones, Ron Gilbert, Independent Games Festival, IndieCade, Indie Games Arcade, PC Gamer, Game Developer Magazine, BigBlueCup Community, UCLA Game Lab
"Munro" font by, Ed Merritt
"pf_tempesta_seven_condensed_bold" font byYĆ«suke Kamiyamane (

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (367485)