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Gemini Wars (Windows)

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Calm Down Tom
Over all in my opinion this is one of the best games ever. For this type of game, it is as close to perfection as it is possible without being perfect.
It’s a gorgeous, easy to pick up game that rewards patience with a good sci-fi story and fun battles.
Mash Those Buttons
Overall, Gemini Wars is a decent RTS that shines in how well it presents battle, both up close and far away. While the battles may be more interesting to watch close up, failure to focus on the larger picture will be costly. Gemini Wars dares its players to learn this balance, and it’s a dare worth accepting.
Indie Game Magazine
If you have played many space RTS games and enjoy playing one on a grand scale, with everything adding quite a lot to the theater of the space combat Gemini Wars may be the type of game for you. However If you prefer a much more faster paced game Gemini Wars will no doubt be far too slow for you to really get into and appreciate. For this reason I feel as it stands Gemini Wars only appeals to a very niche group of people, but with more development from Camel 101 it could end up being a very fun title.
Strategy Informer
There’s still a bit of extra polish needed, not to mention, well, the rest of the game. If you like story and want to take yourself through the tale of the Gemini sector, then by all means give this game a go. If multiplayer or a less strict gameplay experience is your thing, then probably best hold off until they’ve finished up those sections.
Indie Game Reviewer
If you can get past the sluggishness of space travel in the future and the apparent total disregard for tactical maneuvering that the finest military academies of humanity’s worlds will be teaching their students when space flight becomes commonplace, you might like Gemini Wars. There’s a little more strategy than real-time here, and that’s not a bad thing. It’s not for people who memorize build orders for Starcraft. Although it could do with a little polish (and a way to double the game speed), Gemini Wars is worth a look for RTS fans in search of a new fix.
Hooked Gamers
Developed by just three guys, Gemini Wars could be called a technical marvel. It has a very capable graphics engine, features many a line of in-game narrative and introduces fresh concepts to a genre that has seen very little innovation over the last decade or so. Yet the sum of its parts do not add up to a great game, for that, the interface just gets in the way too much.
Gemini Wars has two good ideas, which is two more than a lot of games. There simply aren't enough story-based space strategy games, and the warp mechanic was wonderfully employed, making wars across several systems exciting and risky. Unfortunately, I spent most of my experience with the title cursing in frustration at all the bugs, or wishing I was doing something -- anything -- other than sitting in front of my PC, watching ships move with the haste of a geriatric. With enough patches it could be a perfectly serviceable RTS, if not a particularly fun one.