Get Medieval Credits (Windows)

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Get Medieval Credits


Produced byMonolith Productions Inc., Takarajimasha Inc.

The Development team...

Game DesignChris Hewett, Jace Hall
Game EngineersJohn LaCasse, Brian L. Goble, Bryan Bouwman
Game Engine and ToolsBrian L. Goble
Network EngineeringBrian L. Goble
Additional EngineeringScott H. Pultz, Kevin Lambert, Rachel Blackman, Kevin Stephens
Art DirectorGarrett Price
Lead 2D/3D Game ArtistIsrael Evans
Lead 3D Artist Character Models and AnimationAaron Carlson
Additional Art Provided ByGarrett Price, Geoffrey Kaimmer, Matt Hayhurst, Kevin Kilstrom, Marina Fish, Linnea Granryd, Emma Vokkura
Lead Level DesignerChris Hewett
Additional Level DesignerYurii Saicheck
Audio DirectorDaniel Bernstein
Music CompositionDaniel Bernstein, Guy Whitmore
Sound DesignDaniel Bernstein, Cassano Thruston, Guy Whitmore, James Ackley
Movie CompilationDaniel Bernstein, Guy Whitmore, James Ackley
3D Production CoordinatorPaul Renault
Cutscene Design and AnimationPeter Arisman, Aaron Carlson, Seiko Kobayashi, Rene Asis, Wendy Marker
Motion Capture ManagersWilliam S. Cass, Simon Wong
Motion Capture ActorsIsrael Evans, Treena Burton
Voice TalentKrisha Fairchild (as the Avenger), Michael C. Schapiro (as the Elf), Annette Toutangi (as the Sorceress), Stephan Weyte (as the Barbarian), Jace Hall (as The Voice)
Quality AssuranceBenny Kee, Gareth Von Kallenbach
Marketing and SalesJenni Gant, Camille Ball, Adam Ketola
Web Creation and DesignPaul Butterfield, Adam Ketola, Spencer Maiers, Joel Reiff
Information Systems--for keeping things running...Jim Totaro, Eric Minamoto
Operations--for keeping us happy...Patti Pudinski, Lynn Rott, Wayne Burns
ProducerChris Hewett
Special Thanks ToOur alpha and beta testers, Mark Thomas (Findlay - OH), Gianfranco Domino (Italy), Ben Overmyer (USA), Aaron Carver (USA), Simen Rafoss (Oslo - Norway), Kris Markel (Seattle - WA), T. J. Jones (San Marcos - TX), Jeff Tsang (Maple Ridge - BC), Adraien Hill (USA), Michael Burroughs (Falls Church - VA), Kevin Neubauer, Michael Rubino (Bronx - NY), Stefan Eilert (Osnabrueck - Germany), Tom Roberts (Taylor - MI), Pat Larson (Des Moines - IA), Byron Followell (Newburgh - IN), Everyone at Monolith who helped make this game great!

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Credits for this game were contributed by B.L. Stryker (21072)