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Gex 3D: Enter the Gecko Credits


DirectorGlen A. Schofield
ProducersJeffrey M. Zwelling
Executive ProducerJonathan Miller
Lead DesignEvan Wells
Lead ProgrammingAdrian Longland, Daniel Chan
ProgrammersMeilin Wong, Robert W. Calfee, Evan Wells
Senior DesignerRichard Lemarchand, James Stiefelmaier
DesignersQuinlan Richards, Bret Robbins, David Robinson, Bruce Straley, Samuel Villanueva
ArtistsScott Anderson, Amy Bond, Bruce Straley, Chris Thompson
AnimatorsEric Elliot, Spencer Hale, James Houska
Stunt ProgrammersCharles Martin, Jonathan Miller, Jonah Stich
Additional SupportE. Daniel Arey, Jeffrey Bloom, Jeremy Bredow, Mark Miller, Kenny Reeves, Josh Rose, Steve Ross, Sheatiel Sarao, Sunspark, Matthew Titelbaum
Lead AudioSteve Papoutsis
Lead VideoSteve Papoutsis
Sound ProgrammingFred Mack
SoundTed Allen, Kurt Harland, Jim Hedges
MusicTed Allen, Kurt Harland, Jim Hedges
Product Marketing ManagerChip Blundell
MarketingScott A. Steinberg (V.P.), Brian Silva, Steve Groll
Intro & OutroKeyframe Digital Productions
Original Gex CharacterLyle J. Hall
Voice of GexDana Gould
Voice of Gex (U.K.)Leslie Philips
Voice of RezBruce Robertson
Backstory & ScriptRobert Cohen, Ken Daly, Dana Gould, Scott A. Steinberg
Test ManagerAlex Ness (UnaPooper)
Lead TesterBilly Mitchell (Cooter)
TestersJeffrey Bloom, Jeremy Bredow (J-Dogg), Christopher Bruno (Hippie), James Cabot (Double O.G.), Rolef Conlan (Lee Majors), Casey Craig (Where is he?), Rick Cummings, David Dao (Orion), Damien Lacey (Aussie), Doug Leslie (El Guapo), Todd Malone (Pro Tip), Daniel Miley (2 Cents), Christopher Pappalardo (X-Tron), C. Matthew Prescott (CMP), Alex Simonian, Tony Townsend (The Tiger), Matthew Young (Muttnew)
ManualHanshaw Ink & Image
Special ThanksKatie Bolich, Chuck Eyler, Will Faust, Troy D. Gillette, Laura Grieve, Tate Moseslan, Tim Roberts, Michael Slisko

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Credits for this game were contributed by Xoleras (65916)