Ghost Master Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The main menu.
Choose a house for haunting
One of your first ghosts
Lets spook in the amityville house
Ive seen dead people here
Every level is crammed full of horror movie and pop culture references.
The level intro cinematics explain your goals and show you where to find trapped ghosts to recruit.
Selecting the right team of haunters is key to success.
Camera control is full 3D with complete freedom of movement. Zoom out for strategic planning...
... and zoom in to view the mayhem up close.
Each level has trapped ghosts that you can free to add to your haunting team.
Maximize your haunting efficiency by learning the fears of specific mortals.
Most missions will call for a multipurpose team of indoor and outdoor haunters.
Between missions, you can buy new powers for your haunters with "gold plasm", a reward based on your prior performance.
For some reason, mortals act strangely when everything around them bursts into flames.
This Evil Dead inspired map has an extensive outdoors section.
The Headless Horseman pursues his prey.
Ghosts waiting to be trained.
Not the reflection she was hoping to see.
Fleeing from the Haunting. Guess it got too hot for him.
A hospital for the living and the dead
Starting credits screen.