Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Opening screen
Papa Doc at plantation
Scrying skull in academy
Bedroom in academy
Jane arrives at warehouse
Paralyzed crew
Janes secures a ship
Blue Belly spying on Queen Zimbi
Blue Belly discovers his dead body
In Crate and Barrel
Merry Cay harbor
At Levi Beach
Meeting a trapped smuggler and corpse
Hideout with shooting smugglers
Governor's mansion
Papa Doc in guard room
Meeting Emperor Pacal
High Priest Itzakoka
Jane arrives at Boogeyman Bayou
Meeting Commodore Grimjaw
Jane in grotto at Skullet Rock
Meeting captain Red Rump
Fighting the zombies
Papa Doc preparing for the final confrontation
Dialogue box
Options window
Inventory items and character selection