Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Intro: a strange Gem appears...
Level selection
Cute Giana is in a Nightmare dream world.
This dragon is going to eat Maria... guess who's the final boss?
There's no further path in this nightmare world, time to twist.
The same location in the Fairy Tales version of the dream world... Punk Giana is in an upset mood.
What a big gem! It counts as 10 gems and unlocks a picture in the gallery.
Cute Giana can only pick up yellow and blue gems. Punk Giana can only pick up red and blue gems.
Punk Giana's bash
Cute Giana's twirl
Exit of level 1-1 (Fairy Tale version)
Level 1-1 finished by the nightmare exit
Amethyst mines... seems dangerous.
Underwater well-guarded treasures
The first boss, an ugly double-headed giant worm.
When you hit the boss, he gets upset and throws rocks at you.
World 1 completed.You should try to die less often to get more purple stars.
Enemies look sweeter in the bright version of the game world.
Evil counterpart
Punk Giana can dash through blocks
Diamond arrow
Punk Giana can dash from wall to wall faster than Sonic does.
Christmas 2013 bonus level
This barrier is used to destroy the chasing ghosts.
Octor Freud is the boss of the second world.
In the third world a bubble is used to fly in any direction.
In the third world Punk Giana can run over clouds.
Jump on these alien-like creatures to turn them into trampolines
Gallery with some art unlocked
Bonus Halloween level
Running away from final boss - the dragon
This dragon is not easy; it has some hard-to-dodge patterns
DieselStörmers (renamed to Rogue Stormers) Kickstarter bonus level
Starting a multiplayer game
Competitive multiplayer. You need to outrun the competition (human or bots), similar to Dashin' Desperadoes
Score attack mode
Score attack mode - new record
Time attack mode