Gibo: Stepmother's Sin Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Mio Shibahara, Yusuke's cousin
Misako Yagami, Yusuke's step mother
Shiina Yagami, Yusuke's step sister
Closeup of Misako
Closeup of Shiina
Closeup of Mio
Misako's proportions are ... epic
Mio gazes longingly at, erm, a schoolbook.
Misako on the train
Shiina at the movies
Misako in a bath towel
Mio in a rare moment of emotion
Main menu
The CG menu, no luck so far...
The "Event" menu... The names alone are worth the shot
Misako gives her impressions on the game she's stuck in
Mio is happy to help us pervert our stepmother (btw: notice my pervert-o-meter is all the way up by now)
A example of the subtle art of seduction in a Japanese game
hmmm... choices, choices
Rough love baby...