Glest Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Game setup
Giving instructions at the start
Summoner and Golem in different places
In the forest
Building and harvesting is intense
Found a torture decoration
What the winter setting looks like
One of those rivers
Moving through mountains
This area is rich in resources, so I'm guarding it
Building, mining and harvesting all underway
Good thing she can swim
Moving into view, to cut through the fog of war
The mountain world limits your movement
The AI tries to go around it
Now in charge of the Technology side
This means farms, factories and chopping trees
'Daemons' is a great Scrabble word, by the way
Archers - like a Robin Hood
Castle - player's base
Magician gathers gold
After he is dead, there is only a cold body
Dead mage
Fireball attack
Golem in defense. The game is very difficult