Written by  :  Indra is stressed (20706)
Written on  :  May 18, 2002
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Interesting new features in comparison to Counterstrike, but when it comes to user friendly and gameplay - Not even close.

The Good

This game is good example in correcting the major screw-ups of counterstrike (what I'm dead already?), and stuff like that. It offers a wide range of special proffesions: Commando - Weapon specialist and kick a$$ professional. Recon - Locate the enemy before the enemy locates you; usefull in finding those #@!# campers. Scuse my French. Sniper - Ah, yes. And being a sniper in this game is more respected than the sniper chickens of counterstrike. Demolition - One word. Boom. Heavy gunner - No, you do not want to meet these guys in close combat. Medic - Angels with guns.

This game you actually have to specialize in a certain profession, and make sure you're damn good at it. This is definitly a team effort (although I don't know how many players that can go online, like on counterstrike). Each profession has it's ups and downs, and has to rely on different professions one way or the other.

The fact that on the "buy menu", each profession is restricted to certain weapons and objects, e.g. Snipers just sniper rifles, Commandos main rifle and secondary SMG etc, therefore, everyone knows their role in combat.

Wanna live forever? Yes, for unpatient gamers who hate dying and waiting for the round to end, this is the game for you. You can either wait for the medic to patch you up, or directly "teleport" back to your starting position, buy new weapons and give some major payback to the guy that did you in the first place. This way nobody whines about dying to fast from those camping snipers. Eventually if you have the patience of a prophet, you bleed to death and end up their anyways. The reason you'd probably wait for a medic is amongst others, your starting point and your current position is to far, and their's the issue of your equipment. Although you could pick it up later, is probably better to "teleport" if there's to much enemy activity in the immediate area.

It's basically a "hold your ground" game, wait for the cavalry, then advance.

There is a certain "wait period" after you die (that is if you teleport back), because it takes time for your transport (chopper, truck, etc), to get to your starting point. But in the mean time you can either stock your gear, or checkout the battles through camera's that you must previously activate during combat mode.

You will realize that the weapons here also have their ups and downs, more felt in comparison than counterstrike. Just because it has high power (e.g. desert eagle) doesn't mean it can shoot straight or shoot fast.

Oh, some weapons also have upgrades or additional accesories, which is kinda interesting.

And for snipers, sometimes it takes more than a single shot (unless its in the head, then again it doesn't guarantee your bullet goes straight) to kill your opponent.

I guess that wraps up the good stuff.

The Bad

I've never pictured a game that where you're an elite that can kill a handfull of soldiers, but surprisingly (and every annoying) you just can't seem to past that doorway.

Yes, fellow comrades how do you expect to go when you want to go, quick manuevers under heavy fire when you find yourself stuck in narrow corners, mid-air on bushes, etc. If that alone isn't enough to annoy you, you must be one hell of a understanding person. ;p

Most of the bugs and bad stuff are focused on the gameplay itself. The main idea is great really.

I've noticed some other irritating facts: No ammo? What do you mean no ammo? Under the heat of battle, you often end up firing blanks, cause the "click" sound isn't loud enough and when you want to reload, your head is already in the gutter. Even if you increase the sound volume, the background sound is much louder.

Kindergarten bots (AI), well its nice to know, but at a certain point, you'd just wish the enemy has a little more brains and creativity. Although I'd must admit they shoot like Elves (don't miss), which is kinda hard to swallow that a guy with a hand gun can shoot better than you from long range when your the sniper.

You also don't automatically "pick up" weapons, you have to aim your cursor and then pick it up. Major irritation especially if Charlie come's outta no where while your "weapon browsing".

Hmm, your players have bad voices by the way. Not very enthusiastic really. Listen to the "Go, go, go" in this game and compare it to counterstrike. Sad. Very sad.

Endnote, the campaigns are irritating (especially hostage situations), and the tutorial sucks.

The Bottom Line

Good enough, my grade for this game:

B-, not enough details to specifically define the game as I usually do, sorry.