Global Operations Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Before you begin the game, you must select (or create) a profile.
After logging in, you are presented with the main screen.
Choosing your role (from L to R; Demo, Heavy Weapons, Commando, Recon, Medic, Sniper).
This is the loading screen; rather bland.
Poor guy... every part of him blew up except his head.
Setting C4 charges in the training grounds.
Injured soldiers; this is part of the Medic training.
Waiting for insertion.
Waiting for a multiplayer game to start.
Purchasing weapons and equipment.
Using this device, I can spot the locations of enemies, and whether they're above, below, or level with me.
End of round screen, displaying who won.
In-game score screen, showing player names, kills, and deaths.
After being shot, you can wait for a medic to revive you, or choose to be re-inserted.
As you can see, I am kicking butt. My name is Droogie and is highlighted in green.
A full team, en route to the hotspot.
The police are stationed outside the mansion, waiting for us.
As you can see, the graphics (specifically the architecture), is quite good.
The VIP is pinned behind that wall... I just threw a Gas grenade to flush him out. I'm also the sniper, ready and waiting.
Poor guy... even for a druggie, that's a terrible way to die.
Look familiar? This level is modeled after the mansion from 'Scarface'. See the door at the top?
This is the room at the top of the stairs, also from 'Scarface', where Al Pacino fought his last battle.
Another view of the 'Scarface' room, this time from above.
Night Vision Goggles blurs your sight a little, but it also enables you to spot enemies easier, in this dark Columbia level.
Using Thermal Goggles, enemies (and teammates) are highlighted, distinguishing them from the surroundings.
No, it's not heroin; using this needle allows me to heal my teammates...
... and heal myself.
Yummy... a Magnum with a scope.
This is the helicopter you arrive in when you first begin, and whenever you return from death.
Each mission has an overview. This is the background for the Argentina mission.
Following the overview is your objective and a description, with pictures.
The last mission page allows you to choose your team. The left side is the "good guys" and the right side is the "bad guys".