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Glow Glow Firefly Credits

The Nikitova Team

Senior ManagerTatiana Makarova
Project ManagerIvan Kulbich
Lead ProgrammerAleksei Fedyo
Lead ArtistVitaliy Smyk
Lead AnimatorSergey Golubchuk
Lead QAOlya Kulbich
ProgrammersPavel Kuzmenko, Anton Petrenko, Alexey Pavluk
ArtistsKonstantin Fedchenko, Elena Bogdanova, Inna Sleptsova, Evgeniy Mironenko, Anna Bashmakova
QAViktor Strelchenko, Evgeniya Krivosheya

WildTangent Team

Director of RetailJay Minn
ProducerMax Clendenning
Art DirectorJeremy Cottle
QA ManagerAshley Guberman
Lead TesterBill Dennes
Test EngineersGreg Brown, Sergio Sanchez, Tony Case, Scott Branston

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