Go, Diego, Go!: Wolf Pup Rescue Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title page
Picking a rainforest badge to sign in
Picking a difficulty level
Finding the wolf pups, only to discover there is one missing
Diego's sister Alicia has a camera that will show where the pup is
The missing wolf pup - now to go rescue him
In Rescue Mission mode, the player follows this trail of photos one by one to find the maned wolf pup
Something(s) hiding behind the leaves!
This is the Field Jurnal, where the animal fact cards are stored as they are collected
Diego and Dora jump over an invisible log!
Matching paw prints to find the correct trail
Diego's Rescue Pack can become the raft when it is put together
Sorting out the items that belong with Diego and Dora in the raft
Steering downstream, avoiding debris in the water
Those pesky Bobo Brothers are making waves
Using the life preserver to rescue some otters in trouble
Grateful otters point out the safe rocks to jump on
Caught the marmosets just in time, and spotted Baby Jaguar, too
Poor Sammy Sloth will go hungry until the branches are reassembled
Which animal matches the one on Diego's video watch?
Found the wolf pup in a thicket of briars!
All together once again, the wolf puppies do tricks for the player