Gobliiins 4 Credits (Windows)

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Gobliiins 4 Credits


Designed byPierre Gilhodes, Société Pollene
Developed byPierre Gilhodes, Société Pollene
DesignPierre Gilhodes
GraphicsPierre Gilhodes
AnimationsPierre Gilhodes
ProducerFrançois Taupin
ProgrammingVincent L'Hermite
Sound productionDidier Sallustro (assisted by Shino)
Original music composed and performed byTonton Didou, http://www.tontondidou.com/
Animation assistantChristian Laly
Project ManagerCarole Corvisy
VoiceFrançois Habert
Additional voicesChristian, Pierre, Didier, Akim, Jules
QACorinne Corvisy, Claire Taupin
Thank you toMuriel Tramis (co-author of the scenarios for the first three Goblins and the ergonomics system used in Gobliiins 4.), http://www.avantilles.com/, Zack Bouchman (for his spiritual support and the wise man's sketch), Fatoumiya Assoumani (for patience and support), Julien Vergne, Cyril Levy (for their availability and valuable advice), Mayang textures site, http://mayang.com/

Snowball Studios and Snowberry Connection

Co‑produced bySnowball Studios, Snowberry Connection
Executive producerAlexander Souslav
Technical producerAlexey Kozlov
Localization producerViatcheslav Erofeev
Translation coordinatorKaterina Rybalko
QANikita Pavlutin, Uliana Sorokina, Evelina Novikova, Zabava Puzitskaya
GraphicsNatalia Salnikova, Natalia Ponomareva
Web engineerAnton Zhevlakov
PropagandaPavel Nechaev, Artem Shuyko, Alexander Souslov, Vladimir Tortsov
Technical directorVitaliy Klimov
Publishing directorSergei Klimov
LicensingEkaterina Nemova

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