The Godfather II Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Character creation
Family portrait
Dialogue options are limited but available.
Protecting Michael from some Cubans.
Those guys want to be hired.
Hey there beautiful!
Hiring some guys for my newly captured business.
New York, New York
And the bomb goes booooom.
One of the many finishing moves.
Going in close in multiplayer.
Driving around the city with my crew hanging out the window.
Silence is the key to victory.
An overview of Florida
Drivin' around in Florida with my gang on the backseat.
Planting a bomb at the goal in multiplayer.
Damaged but still driveable.
A weapons upgrade awaits beyond that fence - but I don't have a fence cutter yet.
Booom - Headshot!
Looks silly but is very effective.
The workers are striking and keep me from flying to New York.
Michael Corleone, Dominic and Tom Hagen discuss the future.
I've to beat up that guy to gain a favor.
My family tree - not so many open spots left.
Calling a contact from a pay phone in Cuba to get new instructions.
Hiding from the police (see red ring on the minimap) on the airport of Cuba.
Finishing off Guccio Ferrara, a made man of the Mangano family, by slamming his head into the wall.
Attacking a cement factory in Cuba - which is of course a front for a drug import/export business.
The new Cuban regime isn't very friendly which l can understand considering I tried to kill Fidel.
And there goes the last family compound up in flames.