The Godfather: The Game Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
A prologue set in the thirties establishes the main character's tragic back story.
Settling things with your fists.
A fist fight turns into a gun fight.
The Godfather consoles the young son.
MobFace lets you design the main character.
Learning basic punching moves.
Getting a mission from Luca Brasi.
Running down the road.
You can unlock clips from the movie.
Checking my objectives at a safe-house.
City map
Checking the vendetta levels against the other families.
Cruising around Little Italy.
Bribing cops is an effective way of removing heat of your back.
Extorting a business.
Now that's what I'm talking about....
I want information and I want it NOW!!!
Escaping with an opposing family's loot.
Sneaking around....
Negotiating a hostile takeover.
You can earn contract hits for extra cash.
A godfather-style execution
Customizing your character with earned skill points.
Phones around the city remind you of the story-related missions.
Buying health and additional items.
Found a racket!
Partying with Sonny
Let's get it on!
Damned cops...
No Mercy for the enemies of the family
As everything comes down to business, there is are also the possibility of a more "peaceful" takeover
Two ways to win a mob war. The first is to bribe the FBI ...
... the second one is to blow something up. (More fun)
For some quick cash, a "withdrawal" can be made at a local bank
Robert Duvall makes a reappearance as Tom Hagen. Notice the close resemblance
This is (the stand in actor for) Michael Corleone