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Gothic 3 (Windows)

Gothic 3 Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu.
You start the game in the village of Ardea.
The rebel's hideout.
The city of Montera.
Hunting the nasty shadowbeasts.
Approaching the wheat farm.
Nordmar is a very dangerous place.
Major cities are occupied by Orcs.
Inventory screen.
Waterfalls near the city of Faring.
I've got a bad feelings about this...
Talking with Lester.
Character stats panel.
During the course of your travels, you will encounter many trainers. Jens is one of them.
The town of Cape Dun.
Exploring the caves.
Entering the city of Bakaresh.
Map of the world
The smell of death surrounds me...
You can impress the orcs by fighting in the arena.
Oasis in the desert
The village of Lago
The city of Vengard, protected by a magic Shield.
The intern of the Temple of Beliar in Bakaresh.