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Gothic 3 (Windows)

Gothic 3 Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
You start the game in the village of Ardea
The city of Montera
Hunting the nasty shadowbeasts
Approaching the wheat farm
Nordmar is a very dangerous place
Major cities are occupied by Orcs
Inventory screen
Waterfalls near the city of Faring
I've got a bad feeling about this...
Talking with Lester
Character stats panel
During the course of your travels, you will encounter many trainers. Jens is one of them
The town of Cape Dun
Exploring the caves
Entering the city of Bakaresh
Map of the world
The smell of death surrounds me...
You can impress the orcs by fighting in the arena
Oasis in the desert
The village of Lago
The city of Vengard, protected by a magic Shield
The interior of the Temple of Beliar in Bakaresh
Beautiful loading screens make the waiting worth it
Open field, great weather, a spell in my hands, a little funny monster waiting in front - what else can one wish for?..
I'm so sorry, uncle Scavenger... I won't do this ever again... Please forgive me... Waaaahh!..
Swimming in the sea. Ahhh, what a great feeling! I'm wearing my peasant clothes. Couldn't find the bikini, you see
Yes, this is you. The hero. You've turned into a LION. Impressive, right? No inventory any more, but who needs it?
You've turned into a rhinoceros and started attacking some pigs on a farm. The bandits don't seem to like that
Nothing beats the satisfaction of turning into a crocodile and crawling into someone's house! Those scary orcs, however, seem to disagree... and this is the end of my reptilian journey
I wore white mage robes and a fairly gay crown, equipped a scythe, climbed on a pyramid, and started practicing my ice magic. Why? Because I can!..
It feels really good to summon a big winged demon and watching him attack innocent Middle Eastern-like villagers while wielding an impressive staff. Kids, don't try this at home
The freedom in this game is almost unmatched. I've infiltrated a palace occupied by a key quest giver and just decided to attack him. It's going to be a tough fight...
This screenshot is a combination of first-person view, camera tilted upwards, and myself casting a powerful lightning spell. Looks impressive, don't you think?..
I hope he gets minimum wages... Actually, I don't really care, being too busy wielding a magical flame blade and all
I've summoned a skeleton in this peaceful tavern. While he and the bartender are duking it out, I sit down and start thinking why I feel so... horny
Wearing slick garb and wielding an ice sword, I ventured into a town overrun by the undead...
The game can accommodate impressive large-scale battles in urban environments - provided you've wreaked enough havoc. I did, what with the pretty robe and spell effects
Okay, okay, you are a mighty orc with a big blade, and humans are just worthy of cleaning your floors. Can we focus here? Look what I'm wearing!
I've donned a heavy rebel armor and eventually discovered a cave with groovy psychedelic mushrooms and some guys living there. Note the cool light and shadow effects provided by the torch
Now I visit a rebel base carrying a comically long spear. The view is fully zoomed-out. Note the character routines
Just walking through the forest in the night, that's all... Enjoying the romantic solitude
I decided to equip a fire sword and started blasting boars and deer with meteors in the rain. No, I haven't been to a shrink in a few years, why are you asking?..
Sitting on a throne! Feeling like the king! Bow to me, mortals! Muaahahahaaa!!... ... It took me a while to understand I was actually in a monastery with no one around
The Wolf Clan in the northern regions has some... interesting people
Snowy travel can get boring. My iPad ran out of power, so I did something else to entertain myself: summoned a goblin to attack innocent wild animals
Eventually you'll meet a key character you've heard about a lot but never actually met in the previous games. Note the rehashed texture from the other throne room - the location is different
The capital city is caught in a magical blue barrier. I added another one, of my own composition: cast a spell where my soul leaves my body and wanders through blue fog