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Written by  :  Cabeza2000 (818)
Written on  :  Nov 27, 2003
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Another Great Game Experience

The Good

Since I played Gothic before this sequel and wrote a review here at MobyGames, I will overlook at the main facts of the game since they are the same, therefore I will only write about the development on several points…

Again, the storyline makes a strong point for the gamer, this time more complex and enjoyable.

This time is not just a world, you will have to perform quests in the Old World (the same as in Gothic but simplified) and in a whole New World. In my opinion, the developers fixed a weak feature on the previous edition since the World in Gothic (now called Old World) was not especially big for an RPG.

As in the first edition the game paths that as a player you take are three guilds (The Mercenaries, The Paladins and The Magicians of Fire), well, there is also a thief’s guild but too small compared with the others.

The Fight and Movement System are now better, it was good but still there was place for improvement.

Strong point on quest quantity, while the storywriters keep the quality on quest plots there are now something like 4 or 5 times more quests that the first edition.

Other good points are the introduction of Dragons, many animal trophies added, new creatures, pickpocket, removed acrobatics (it was unreal) and the alchemist table.

The Bad

The inventory management, at the readme.txt, developers says that it was improved but I liked it as it was.

There is now the possibility to define a quicksave but I believe that an autosave feature should be incorporated on upcoming releases.

Minor bugs, more of them related to the 3D Graphics System, especially in the New World.

As I said on my Gothic review, sometimes you can exploit some NPCs fighting movement flaws to defeat a stronger enemy.

The Bottom Line

If you played Gothic and it was good well play Gothic 2 and keep the fun going. If you didn’t played Gothic and like RPG games well I recommend you to play both in order, but you still can start by Gothic 2.