Gothic (Windows)

Gothic Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Loading screen
360 degree view freedom
Looking from above on the lake
You'll have to kill some aggressive animals to get their meat
Getting a weapon
Beautiful flowers
Outside the Old Camp
In front of the old mine
Two hunters at the edge of a forest
A campfire
In the Swamp Camp
In the Swamp Camp in front of a temple
It's getting dark ...
Using magic against a boss.
The Swamp Camp and it's junkies
The awakening ritual is about to begin...
A classic moment in RPGs...
That looks like it's going to hurt...
It's good to be king, oooh yeah!
Helping Diego defeat a Troll
The New Camp
Another RPG classic: The stat screen
...and of course: The questlog
There are a handful of allies that can join you briefly around the colony
A partial map of the colony with some puzzle clues in it
Switching allegiances has its costs
In Extremo, live at the Old camp courtyard (only in the european version)
and also exclusive to the european version... nudity!
Xardas, the Necromancer
Loitering around the colony.
My brand new Minecrawler Plate Armour.
Some of the people in old camp
Swimming in water
Easy kill