GP 500 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

GP 500's front-end menu.
Sparks (and bodies) flying - this is going to become a very familiar sight in your first week.
these are in-game graphics.
The run-down through the Craner Curves in Donnington Park.
Closely following another bike at Brno.
Riding in tight formation - through the curves of Johor
side-by-side along Sachsenring's main straight.
a wheelie -it's easy at GP 500
Different weather conditions - overcast in Europe
Different weather conditions fine in Japan
Race loading screen
Game options
Driver choice
Race choice
Track introduction
Time attack
Cockpit alternative view
Window alternative view
Distant camera view
Replay mode
In race menu
Preparing for the race
Collision with the band
Front camera alternative view
Camera slide alternative view
Standard race view
Final standings
Championship standings
After race loading screen