Grand Prix 3 Season 2000 Credits (Windows)

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Grand Prix 3 Season 2000 Credits


Game Design & ProgrammingGeoffrey J. Crammond
Performance Analysis & Test drivingDavid Surplus
Circuit TopographyNorman Surplus


Lead ProgrammerNick Thompson
Additional ProgrammingJason Turner, Gareth Jones, Jeremy Sallis, Duncan Rooth, Neil Alford, Simon Michael, Adrian Scotney
Lead ArtistAndy Cook
ArtistsPeter Austin, Paul Ayliffe, Carl Edwards, Maff Evans, Edward Garnier, Lisa Godwin, Jeffrey Miranda, Greg Shill, David Smith, Paul Truss
Music & Sound ProducerJohn Broomhall
Audio Systems & ProgrammingNigel James Brown
Sound ProgrammingGeoffrey J. Crammond, Pete Cooke
Additional Music ProductionAdrian Rickards
Lead GuitarKeith Thompson
Additional Sound DesignDarren Lambourne
Additional Field RecordingPeter Guppy
ProducerPhil Gilbert
Executive ProducerNick Court
GPaedia Video ProductionMark Hemsworth, Ossi Oikarinen, Andy Cook, John Broomhall, Matthew Grant, Andy Grierson
Thank you...AutoSport Magazine, John Cook, Laura McNamara, Sutton Motorsport Images, Bridgestone Corporation Motorsport Branch [UK], Steinberg Software [for audio production systems], Jemlar
Special Thanks go to theOrange Arrows Formula One Team for all their help during the development of this product
QA ManagerAndrew Luckett
Lead TestersDaniel Luton, Matthew Nation
TestersChris Knaggs, Steven Powell-Waddell, Darren Kirby, Robert Ward, Tim Stokes, Jamie Toghill, Daniel Waldron, Joel Langton
Hardware Compatiblity TestingAlan Clark
Office ManagerChristine Upham
Administration AssistantsLaurence Benton, Pat Edwards, Davina Whyte

Infogrames Europe

An Infogrames Production presented byBruno Bonnell
Executive Vice President Production & PublishingJames North-Hearn
VP Infogrames Marketing - EuropeLarry Sparks

Infogrames Europe - Racing

VP Infogrames RacingArthur Houtman
Marketing DirectorYves Le Bihan
Product ManagerLucile Bousquet
Junior Product ManagerCatherine Esteoule-Bado

Infogrames Services

Legal and Business AffairsGuillemette Tronel
European Web ManagerRenaud Marin
Creative Support GroupEmmanuelle Tahmazian, Rose-May Mathon, Patrice Daneluzzi
Translation Co‑ordinatorHeather Riddoch
Localisation Project ManagerKerry Glover
Infogrames QA/Testing Pre Mastering TechnicianChris Greatbatch
Infogrames QA/Testing UK Quality Assurance ManagerLewis Glover
Infogrames QA/Testing TesterEmeric Polin

Babel Media

Localisation ManagerAnton Lorton
Language TestersAlex Bieth (French), Thoralf Schultze (German), Fabio Gurini (Italian), Jorge Oliveri (Spain)

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159632) and GP4Flo (118)