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Print advertisement - PC Player 01/1996:

    Dies ist keine Rennsimulation!

    Dies kann der Höhepunkt Ihrer Karriere sein!

    Sie managen ein Formel-1 - Team.
    Platz 1 oder Platz 20 - es liegt ganz bei Ihnen!
    Grand Prix Manager


    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (196118) on Apr 08, 2010.

Unknown Source:
    > Experience the Thrill of Leading Your Formula One Racing Team to Victory!

    Formula One Grand Prix Racing is the most prestigious auto racing series in the world. Now with Grand Prix Manager you take charge and decide the winning strategies for the season to lead your own Formula One Team to victory. You'll make tough deals with the hottest engine manufacturers while designing a car that will cut through the air with maximum road-holding. Radio orders to your drivers on when to push hard, when to ease off, when to pit and maybe even when to break the rules. A wealth of animation shows stunningly complete highlights from each race. Full stereo sound lets you hear the blistering roar of a V10 engine as it races past you.

    Grand Prix Manager makes you the central figure in one of the most high profile, dramatic and glamorous sports in the World. You're a Frank Williams or an Eddie Jordan, and this is your chance to own and manage your own Formula One Racing Team. Grand Prix racing is not just about drivers, although you'll want the best -- it's about the technology, the tactics and of course, the money.

    Compete against across a network, and let Grand Prix Manager bring to life all the high-stakes excitement of international Grand Prix team ownership.

    Game features include:

    • High-resolution animations in Windows --see and manage everything that can possibly happen during a race.

    • Full simulation of the race team ownership--manage drivers, steal staff from other teams, invest in technology, even break the rules. The only way to lose is to go out of business.

    • In-game help gives you the advice on what to do next.

    • Career or individual play--choose a 40-year career or aim for one specific goal.

    Contributed by MajorDad (537) on Feb 24, 2000.