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Gray Matter (Windows)

Gray Matter Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu (English)
Main menu
Scene from the Intro: driving through English weather
A little close-up of Samantha Everett, the heroine
Loafing between the mirrors.
Sam inside the Dread Hill House
The dining room of Dread Hill House, rather classy
Dr. Styles in front of the mirror in his room
Sam's bike is stored in the garage
The heroine's backpack: she's reading Frankenstein
Dr. Styles inspects some old photographs
Samantha spies on her Friend Helena
The portrait of a woman
Ms. Dalton, the friendly housekeeper, always makes nice breakfast
Someone obsessed by fairies?
Some places you visit are based on real locations: here we are at St. Edmund Hall in Oxford
Sam in her room in the Mansion. Her white rabbit Houdini has the bad habit to disappear from time to time.
Choose your next destination on the Oxford map
Sam searching for the white rabbit
You can always check the progress you made in a certain chapter
The inventory: I have to use my faked student ID to get access to the library
This puzzle involves the famous Cheshire Cat from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"
Nice view of Oxford from the top of Carfax Tower
Can you trust a magician, who calls himself Mephistopheles?
The magician's menu: preparing for a trick
Conversation menu: choose a topic, please
The second protagonist: Dr. David Styles
The experiment room
Analysing brain scans...
The guy with the accordion plays some nice music
Styles is visiting an old friend
Life is a maze... another Daedalus Club riddle
A magician on stage - this game certainly has beautiful cut scenes
Which advice to choose?