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    Rome's numerous alliances are wearing thin, her allies are growing impatient with every new defeat. As the fearless, ruthless Hannibal of Carthage, you are the commander of 25,000 troops who have sworn their alliance to you in blood. With decisive victories, you will bring the Roman Empire to its knees, and conquer what is rightfully yours.

    F E A T U R E S

    • Includes all of Hannibal's major campaigns and battles, from Spain to the gates of Rome.
    • Features 11 battles offering extensive variety of weapons and tactics.
    • Play as Hannibal to defeat Rome, or attempt to defeat his mighty army as a Roman general.
    • Contains detailed artwork and accurate battle simulations true to the warfare of Hannibal's era.
    • Soldiers, horses chariots and elephants are all animated in full detail when moving or engaging in battle.
    • Contains solo and easy multiplayer capabilities - wage war against computer-controlled enemies or match wits with your friends over a modem, local area network or Internet connection.
    • Windows interface allows multiple views of the action.

    Contributed by Luis Silva (13622) on Mar 18, 2006.