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The Great Battles of Hannibal Credits

Interactive Magic, Inc.

Executive ProducersRay Rutledge, Joe Rutledge
Project ManagerSteven Wartofsky
Game Design ConsultantS. Craig Taylor
Multimedia SupportRobert Stevenson, Christopher Roby
Quality ManagerDavid Green
Playtest CoordinatorDavid Green
Internal Play TestersBrian K. Davis VII, Joe Allen, Mike Pearson, Marc Racine, Jason Sircy, Adam Turner, Mike Metrosky, Carlin Gartrell, Ismini Boinodiris Roby, Ted Wagoner, Chris Gardner, James Cowgill, Anthony Lazaro, Greg Young, Jean-Paul Berard
External Play TestersJim Pedicord, Phil Natta, Peter Pelka, Adam DiGleria, David C. Holst, Chris Bernitz, Nicholas Caldwell, Chris Edwards, Gary Rost, Brett Berger, Darrell Dik, James Nicoll, Ken Watson, Alex Pavloff, Brant McClure, Lu Pham, Zachary Root, Mark Perry, Brian Holland, Louis Portillo
Manual Editing and LayoutSarah O'Keefe, Alan Pringle
Manual CompilationSara Ley
Product Marketing ManagerAngela Lipscomb
Package DesignCassell Design Group
Introductory Narration Scott Addison Clay
Cover IllustrationRobert Rodriguez

Erudite Software, Inc.

Game DesignMark Herman, Gene Billingsley
Executive Producer Dan Masterson
Producer Bruce Nielson
Associate Producer Ken Meads
Lead ProgrammersKen Meads, Joel Barber
Supporting ProgrammersIan Lewis, Chad Peterson, Sean Rohead
Lead ArtistDaniel Johnson
Supporting ArtistsMichael Murrill, Andrew Nielson, Marika Stacey
Technical WritersKristen Hawkins, Marc Modersitzki
MusicMike Meads
SoundsDaniel Johnson
Original Board Game DesignMark Herman, Richard H. Berg
Campaign Game Design Mark Herman
Scenario/Map Design  Gene Billingsley
Interface Design Dan Masterson, Ken Meads
Network DesignIan Lewis, Ken Meads, Joel Barber

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Credits for this game were contributed by Luis Silva (13290)