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The Great Escape (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

The Great Escape Credits

For Pivotal Games

Managing DirectorJim Bambra
Director of DevelopmentNick Cook
Technical DirectorAlex McLean
ProducerPete Johnson
Senior Software EngineerTim Cannell, Paul Dunning
Software EngineerMark Barton, Charles Blair, Jonathan Booth, Martin Hutchings, Iain Nolan, Duncan Rooth, David Tetlow, Darren Ward, Dan Wheeler, Shaun Hewitt
Associate Software EngineerAndrew Davidson, Marios Mitella
DesignerTomas Rawlings, Steve Dunning
Associate DesignerDarren Kirby
Lead ArtistMartin Severn
Senior AnimatorSteve Crocker
Senior ArtistStuart Griffin
ArtistDavid Banner, Elizabeth Cailes, David Cullinane, Guy Jeffries, Mathew Rees, Adrian Shipp, Alan Thomas, Maff Evans
Associate ArtistZsolt Avery-Tierney, David Calvin, Paul Stonehouse, Raisa Tuomisto, Simon Evans
MusicianJon Vincent
Sound EngineerJon Vincent
QA TechnicianDaniel Waldron, Karl Stubbs
Office ManagerLouise Anderson
IT ManagerAlan Clark
Administration AssistantGretchen Curtis
Support TechnicianChris Knaggs
Lead Technical ArtistPaul Truss

For SCI Games

C.E.O.Jane Cavanagh
Commercial DirectorBill Ennis
Financial DirectorRob Murphy
Development DirectorDarren Barnett
Creative DirectorPatrick O'Luanaigh
ProducerBen Gunstone, Steven J. Morris, Lee Singleton, Klaude Thomas
IT ManagerAndrew Judd
External DesignerMatthew Miles Griffiths
Product ManagerRay Livingston, Andrew Forrest
Sales Manager UKTrudy Friday
Sales Manager EuropeJustin Gaffney
Sale EuropeJuliet Bray
Key Customer Manager UKChris Walton
Marketing DirectorDave Clark
Senior Product ManagerJustyna Cielecki
Creative ManagerQuinton Luck
WebmasterOlaf Siebert
Press Director EuropeEmily Britt
UK Specialist Press PR ManagerGareth Ramsey
Head of CommunicationsChris Glover
QA ManagerMarc Titheridge
Senior QADavid Isherwood, Matt Friday
QA LeadJoe Best, Chris Waller, Ben Mason, Matthew Ibbs
QA EngineersEdward Xi Chen, Neil Delderfield, Stuart Crocker, Allen Elliott, Stuart Fallis, Che Hamilton, David Izzo, Carl Perrin, Joseph Pirocco, Ian Rowsell, Luke Timms, George Williams, Karl Fentiman, Hugo Hirsh, Peter Evans
Production ManagerNicole Beale
Staff AssistantKatie Blundell, Fern Robertson
Financial ControllerIan Chapman
Customer AssistantJames Cox, Matthew Freeman
Development AssistantCaspar Gray
Lead EmployeeSimon Hewitt
Lead ProducerPeter Hickman
Head of LegalJoanne Tidy
ReceptionSasha Webb
Operations ManagerJonathon Wild
PR UKJames Bevan, Indigo Pearl, Alkis Alkiviades
ManualMark Estdale, Out Source Media, John Shippey, Bjorn Harris, WordTrans
Game DialoguesMark Estdale, Out Source Media, John Shippey, Bjorn Harris, WordTrans
TranslationMark Estdale, Out Source Media, John Shippey, Bjorn Harris, WordTrans
European PackagingA Creative Experience; London
"The Great Escape" and "The Great Escape Underscore" performed byElmer Bernstein
"The Great Escape" Motion Picture Soundtrack written byElmer Bernstein

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Credits for this game were contributed by thf (154564) and Wizo (29332)