GRID Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Splash Screen
Main Menu
A Dodge Viper in all her glory.
Driving a Muscle Car in the Pro Tune-series.
Winning the race? My fans are more important!
Small but fast.
I crashed my car.
The head camera is awesome.
I have a few seconds advance.
I never expected less!
The race results with everything you possibly want to know.
The three race licences and their requirements.
Autorlando Sport wants me to drive a Porsche 911? Anytime!
The outside of the car looks as detailed as the inside.
My windshield is broken.
The loading screens show stats of your career.
That's the "bad guy" you have to outrun.
Racing towards the finish line in Tokyo.
The replay editor is a powerful tool.
I finished the assignment that Top Secret gave me.
These points are your prestige and are not only needed to advance to the next tournament.
Got some money from the last race.
A cool tracking shot introduced the player to his goals in the next race.
All the race tracks were made with a sense to detail.
I need to overtake Jos to complete my objective.
Finally back in the seat of a Formel-car.
Look at it. Just look at these awesome graphics.
These cars are hard to control and you sit on the right side.
An outside view on one of the many different cars in the game.
Stylish cutscenes are everywhere.
Drifting - and crashing into the wall 2 seconds later.
The drift scoreboard - and yes I know I'm really bad.
Giving this car and all future cars a paint job.
Win all of these races and you finished the game.
Choose your fix.
eBay Motors - Advertising at it's best.
One of the Online Leaderboards
Can you guess which one is my car?
Sole winner.
Overtaking a rival.
Some US bay.
On board my...
... Formula 3.