Gridrunner Revolution Credits (Windows)

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Gridrunner Revolution Credits


No RoleJeff Minter (Yak MW3OXX), Ivan Zorzin (Gilesgoat MWOIW)

Beta Test Team

Beta Test TeamStephen Morton (PVB), Harlequin [as himself], Matt Stuttle (Aureole), Paul Maskelyne (Muttley), Robert D. Fearon (OddBob), Richard Olpin (RiK), James Cope (Jimaroid), Mike Daw (Swith), Robin Kemp (skweek), Mike Finlay (Governmentyard), Gareth Noyce (Korruptor), Jim McCauley (Jedburgh), Gary Liddon (Gaz), Ivan Zorzin (Giles), Jeff Minter (Yak)

Localisation Team

Localisation TeamPaula Afonso (PFVA), Ivan Zorzin (Giles)

Bitmap Graphics

Game LogoRod Steele
Other Bitmap GraphicsRod Steele
UI GraphicsIvan Zorzin
DesignIvan Zorzin
Neon StacksJeff Minter
Game GraphicsJeff Minter
HGFBStephen Nicholson
High Res SpritesChris Gottgetreu


Special Thanks toThomas Sontag (of Turoborecordings and his excellent team of artists.)
Forsberg Loves the AcidDahlbäck & Dahlbäck
Texture Mapping, Radio Bliss, Placid AcidDMX Krew
Mega Signalizer, Super ConnectorLazersonic & Zak Frost
Aquaplane (Unit 4 Remix)Jesper Dahlbäck
Workin the Truth, For The LordsKari Pekka Lekebusch
Chiken Flavour, Tempered DancePopof
Sound FXJeff Minter

Beast Support

Blackface SheepGinger [the tartiest sheep in the world], Ewenity [the sheep with the biggest ears]
Jacobs SheepShaggysheep [granny #1], Shysheep [granny #2]
Fluffy RamsButterbean [chilling magazine sheep], Katamari [the BIG NOSE]
Fluffy LambsFuwafuwa [hoof poking sheep], Shaun [the most gentle lamb], Jerry [the living plushie], The Mystery Sheep
Pygmy GoatAlice [complaining goat]
LlamasIki [always wants a shag], Maya [sometimes lets him have one]
The NoseVindy [the NOSE controls the dog], XXX, ???

Thanks and Bleats

Thanks toall our mates and everyone who believed in Llamasoft
Special Thanks toShatterstripes for the press package inspiration.
Additional Thanks tothe Taj Balti in Carmathen and Ginger for essential curry, pappadom and lager support.
Everlasting Thanks toPG Tips tea for the invaluable liquid support.
More Thanks toeveryone at the YakYak community for their constant support and interest.
Finally A Special Thank toeveryone we may have forgotten and who should be in this list too.

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Credits for this game were contributed by jean-louis (32020)