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Gridrunner Revolution (Windows)

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Gamereactor (Denmark)
Hvis du ikke er i en af de to grupper, er Gridrunner Revolution dog en gåsehudsfremkaldende lussing af originalitet, vanvid og fængende gameplay til en minimalpris på godt 100kr. Det er en spiloplevelse af samme kaliber som Geometry Wars og Super Stardust HD , der blot er født i helt andre, farveglade klæder, men lokker med en spilbarhed der gør at man hele tiden lige skal give det et forsøg mere.
80 (UK)
In fact, the only downside is that the playfield can feel a bit limited - like you should have more room to manoeuvre. Whether you view this as a feature which ramps up the intensity or one which promotes claustrophobia depends entirely on how the game makes you feel. For me, it's a bit of both. But for a miserly 20 bucks (around £12.50 at time of writing), it's something of a shoe-in, for shmuppers and Jeff Minter fans alike.
There are also plenty of unlockables, including simulations of the original Vic 20 and C64 games, an endurance mode and an insane 'Thrusty Mode', where your movement is controlled by thrust. For 'hardcore' players, this is one of the most hardcore experiences you'll find! Gridrunner Revolution is an addictive, humorous and visually stunning experience
Out Of Eight
Gridrunner Revolution does suffer from confusion due to sensory overload (although not to the same degree as Space Giraffe): it can be difficult to figure out exactly what the heck is going on. In addition, you can “cheat” by constantly rotating your ship: that’s a somewhat significant balance issue. The lack of online leaderboards means you are only cheating yourself, so I suppose it’s ultimately not that big of a deal. Gridrunner Revolution is actually pretty different from Gridrunner++ (I downloaded the demo), although it uses some of the same sound effects, and doesn’t suffer from sequel syndrome. The graphics and sound are trippy, and although they can negatively impact the gameplay, they do make for a distinctive look and feel. Fans of arcade shooters will find an approachable and unique game made so by several distinctive features.